My approach is trauma informed and relational; I draw on the immediacy and richness of the therapeutic relationship. This allows both of us to engage in creative conversation, building a shared understanding of what wants to be seen. I draw on variety of modalities to meet your needs.

The therapeutic process might feel like being on a bumpy road, it's not as straight forward as we might wish it to be. The linearity of black- white outcomes could bring a sense of comfort and safety; however it also places constrictions on healing, as it limits imagining the possibilities for growth.

Therapy is a two way process as there are at least two people involved. I don't administer cures or give tips for quick fix. I believe that healing is deeply creative process and it occurs within the therapeutic relationship, involving both client and therapist.

I work with the whole person and I am interested in what happened to you, but also in what didn't happen. I welcome painful stories, I also welcome your interests, passions, and dreams, and what makes you get up every single day. One of the aims of my approach is to make all aspects of your life experiences feel safe in the therapaeutic space.

... What a beautiful adventure!