Online Counseling

Online counselling could be a convenient way to meet your therapist without having have to leave your home. However, online counselling might not be suitable for everyone as it has its limitations.

During the first one or two sessions, we will determine if this form of service provision would be best suitable for you at this current moment. If we decide this is not the most helpful form of therapy for you, I will suggest further referrals, if you need my assistance in this.

In online counselling it is your responsibility to ensure privacy and confidentiality on your end of the line – please make sure our conversation is protected from the curious ears of roommates or others living in your home.

If you are in an unsafe household, we might need to take extra planning how to keep you safe during and in between sessions. Your safety is a priority.

Afterall, online counselling has been an effective way to facilitate healing for many and I hope it also works for you.

Sessions are 50 min.