Individual Psychotherapy

Trained counsellors and psychotherapists talk and listen in a particular way allowing you to connect with difficult feelings. In therapy you will be provided with safe environment to help you arrive at your own conclusions and solutions, to grow and to begin to heal.

Individual weekly psychotherapy is recommended for more complex issues, requiring in-depth work, such as complex trauma and personality disorders.

I offer the following:

Brief Dynamic Therapy is of up to 6-8 sessions. During this time we could focus on a goal; the alternative would be exploring what might be bothering you right now. Brief dynamic therapy might be beneficial to you before committing to a longer term therapy, or while you are on a waitlist for longer term therapy with another professional.
* Brief Dynamic Therapy is offered in person face to face.

Short-Term Dynamic Therapy is of up to 12-26 weekly sessions. We will focus on a goal you are hoping to achieve. This is a robust type of treatment and not suitable for everyone. Suitability will be determined during the first 3-4 sessions. If this is not the most suitable approach for you, a long term therapy could be offered instead, or a referral to another practitioner.
* Short-Term Dynamic Therapy could be offered online.

Long Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is offered on weekly basis for the period of 2 years.
* Long term therapy is offered in person face to face, although there might be time when we might need to have sessions online.