Accredited clinical psychotherapist

I work with individuals who might struggle with the complexities and uncertainties of life. These experiences may feel elusive, messy or chaotic, silently eroding key areas of our existence, slowly draining life from colours and flow. Over time, a life with no colour and flow could impact our overall sense of wellbeing.

Why Sfumato? – Sfumato was one of the models of painting during the Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci described it as “without lines or borders, in the matters of smoke or beyond the focus plane”.

Sfumato Psychotherapy reflects this principle – what wishes to be seen is beyond the daily focus. In the sfumato of life, the healing figures of our imagination hide by day and walk by night; they speak when we lose ourselves in play in order to be found again.

Vassilka Vass Dimitrova-Isbell


  • My Approach

    My approach is trauma informed and relational; I draw on the immediacy and richness of the therapeutic relationship. This allows both of us to engage in creative conversation, building a shared understanding of what wants to be seen. I draw on variety of modalities to meet your needs.

    The therapeutic process might feel like being on a bumpy road, it's not as straight forward as we might wish it to be. The linearity of black- white outcomes could bring a sense of comfort and safety; however it also places constrictions on healing, as it limits imagining the possibilities for growth.

    Therapy is a two way process as there are at least two people involved. I don't administer cures or give tips for quick fix. I believe that healing is deeply creative process and it occurs within the therapeutic relationship, involving both client and therapist.

    I work with the whole person and I am interested in what happened to you, but also in what didn't happen. I welcome painful stories, I also welcome your interests, passions, and dreams, and what makes you get up every single day. One of the aims of my approach is to make all aspects of your life experiences feel safe in the therapaeutic space.

    ... What a beautiful adventure!

  • What you can expect

    You can expect transparency, respectful and non-judgemental service.

    You are and always will be the expert of your life. In counselling and psychotherapy, we could work on what brings you to therapy and how we could work together to help you find your own path to recovery and wellness. Our work might involve support around crisis situations; however, we could also address deeply rooted issues. All this would depend on your particular needs.

    Initially, I offer free 10 min phone consultation during which you could let me know what concerns you at the moment. We could also use this time to get a sense of each other before making a further commitment.

    If at any time, we come to the understanding that your needs require a different assistance, with your consent, I will do my best to support you and find suitable referrals for you.

  • My experiences and interests

    I have been living in Australia since 1999. My formal training in the counselling field began in 2008. Since then, I have attended many, many professional development workshops and courses.

    I am experienced in working with people presenting with Complex Trauma and related issues, such as BPD, dissociative disorders, other mental health concerns, domestic and family violence.

    My background in the Performing and Creative Arts, world Literature and Cinematography, all fuel my understanding and ultimately my approach to the inner life of the people who approach me in my practice.

    Research interests
    I have strong interest in the life of the dream, creativity, and play.

  • Qualifications and Accreditation

    Relevant Qualifications:
    * MScieMed (The Conversational Model), Sydney Uni - current
    * MCAP (Applied Psychotherapy), Jansen Newman Institute

    Other Qualifications:
    * MA Creative Writing, UNSW
    * BA Theatre (Rhetoric), Sofia Bulgaria

    * PACFA, clinical
    * ANZAP, trainee
    * GRA

  • In emergency

    If you find yourself in a crisis situation, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

    If your life (or that of another) is in an immediate danger, please dial 000.

    Free telephone counselling services:

    * NSW Rape Crisis: 1800 424 017
    * Kids Helpline: 1800 55 180
    * Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636
    * Mensline: 1300 789 978