There is deep wisdom in each one of us. However, stress, life challenges and trauma, as well as existential issues, or ongoing stress, all leave their impact on us and undermine our wisdom and deep knowing. According to relational neurobiology, we have evolved to anticipate to be in a 'warm nest' of human connection and anything less we experience as a violation of this. We all need to feel safe before we learn, and before we heal.

Sometimes it seems as if we have forgotten how to read the music of life and live as if we don't know that we are a part of that symphony. However, without that one note (you), the entire symphony will change; it is as when removing just one star from the sky changes all the constellations across the galaxies.

I see healing as deeply creative process occurring within the therapeutic relationship, involving both client and therapist, and then - carried out into life. I am interested in what happened to you, but also in what didn't happen. I welcome painful stories, I also welcome your interests, passions, and dreams, and what motivates you to get up every single day.