Sfumato Coaching

~ focused and goal oriented ~

What is coaching

Weekly individual psychotherapy might not be what you need or seek right now. The journey to recovery has many stops and at each stop you can step out, chat to the locals, try local food and why not .. have a 'dip' at the ocean, and each ocean is different from the previous, isn't it?

That is why, Sfumato has decided to include COACHING to the services provided.
Similar, yet different from psychotherapy and even from counselling, coaching aims to work with you on your goals - practical, focused, down to earth yet - still emotional, still feeling, still spiritual.. You don't need to sacrifice these in order to achieve your goals!

How coaching is different from counselling and psychotherapy

Counselling and especially psychotherapy deals with developmental issues, trauma, and complex mental health concerns such as personality disorders, eating disorders, psychosis, dissociative disorders. It aims to heal, to bring deeper awareness, personality change, change in attachment style etc. Yet, along your journey to recovery from a more serious mental health issue, you still might benefit from coaching.

What we can work on

Coaching can take various directions and different practitioners specialise in various areas. I focus on:

* mental health coaching (low-mild presentations)
* creativity blocks
* executive coaching